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Hi, I’m Deborah Murtagh, one of the world’s leading mind-before-body weight loss coaches, and I want to help change your life!

A Better Way To Reclaim Your Body & Take Back Control Of Your Health

With so much bad dietary advice out there, and so many temptations, we need to use mind, body and soul to transform our lives.

Imagine a life where weight is no longer a struggle for you. 

That’s the gift I have already given thousands of women, and I can give it to you.

We are a community-driven women’s weight loss company that combines up-to-date metabolic health science, with the psychology of weight loss.

Together, we can break the cycle of constant dieting.

With the average woman spending 17 years of her life dieting, we know it takes more than just knowing what to eat.  

We empower women to create a lasting mindset for long-term success and to help them never fall off the wagon again by creating a healthy & loving relationship with food.

Hundreds of thousands of women just like you, from over 50 countries, have succeeded in our internationally acclaimed 30 Days One Dress Size challenge & Ketogenic Switch Programs.

Your Mind-Body Transformation Starts Here

As a member, you get access to:

🌸 A caring, supportive community of other women who are on a journey towards authentic freedom from the worry and stress of constant dieting. Celebrate successes & NSV (non-scale-victories) while learning the exact steps to take to get off the yo-yo dieting cycle permanently.

🔬The latest science on nutrition and positive psychology. Our programs are all based upon natural, whole foods nutrition with no gimmicks, shakes, pills or potions!  Just real food & an empowered mindset!

🗓 Virtual meetings INCLUDING dedicated calls with Deborah and her team of expert health coaches, focused on key health topics designed to help women overcome the challenges we face in our 40s, 50s, and beyond.

👩‍❤️‍👩 SIStars: Sisters in Support: Peer companions to support you in your own weight loss journey! Many veteran TKS and SOS members volunteer their time and energy to lift and inspire new members overcome obstacles and achieve their weight loss goals safely and quickly.

🌎 The opportunity to easily meet women and mothers near you, so you can build a squad of trusted, sober mom friends in your area. 

💜 safe, private community forum where you can post, ask questions, share your story, and be celebrated by other moms.

📚 The SWITCHAura 'think slim' library includes access to 100+ affirmations, expert interviews, health research, recipes, and success stories.

👋 A dedicated community manager, available throughout your journey.

⭐ Deborah Murtagh's transformational challenges to keep you inspired and on track during your health and wellness journey.

There’s no counting calories or macros either! We want to free you from obsessing over food. Our meal guides enable you to tailor your program for your success to fit your lifestyle and preferences.

Often termed ‘the last diet you’ll ever need,’ SWITCH is an acronym for Self Wisdom Inside That Changes Habits, and mindset is key when it comes to a truly transformational weight loss journey because it emphasizes that a healthy body becomes 'metabolically flexible' and naturally loses weight.  

By teaching your body how to become metabolically flexible, you can: 

  • turn on your body’s natural ‘burn-fat mode’ 
  • turn off the body’s ‘store-fat mode’
  • balance hormones
  • drive down inflammation
  • restore vitality & wellbeing
  • lose weight & keep it off permanently

  • reverse your biological age

  • gain an abundance of energy & vitality

What our founding members think:

Deborah's SWITCHAura program has opened the door to a whole new lifestyle, both mentally and physically, and knowing I am not alone on my journey, chatting with other like-minded women and share ups and downs and triumphs, has been a game-changer for me. Ann

I thank the universe for turning me on to Deborah's programs! The 'switch' has happened in me and I feel REBORN with today's knowledge. I've experienced a total clean slate. It's all about nourishing mind, body, and spirit. It's beautiful. Maria

What are you waiting for? 
Enjoy these perks when you join SWITCHAura today:
  • always have the support of a phenomenal community of like-minded women that share and truly belong to a group that understands your journey

  • eat whole foods (no meal replacements, shakes or pills)

  • heal your relationship with food, so you never fall off the wagon again

  • create lifelong, sustainable habits & still enjoy life to the fullest!

  • stop feeling guilty about food

  • heal feelings of shame & weight loss failures (it’s not your fault)

  • take a holistic approach to weight loss

  • enjoy access to 24/7 support!

Your new body, health, and life is waiting for you